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Real Estate Property Tax Assessment Appeals

NJ Tax Appeals OnlineAny and all real estate holdings, whether developed or not, are assessed for and required to pay property taxes. Under New Jersey law, real property is to be assessed at its market value. For tax purposes, each municipality assesses at a percentage of the property's value. That percentage is referred to as the "equalization ratio." When the equalization ratio and the market value are out of balance, your property can be over-assessed, and you can end up paying more than your fair share of property tax. We can help.

At the law office of Eisner & Fowler, we have provided comprehensive and experienced representation to individuals in real property tax appeals for more than 37 years. Steven Eisner has a comprehensive understanding of the tax assessment and appeals process, having served as special tax counsel to municipalities in New Jersey for more than 20 years. We strive to be accessible and available when you have questions or concerns, and check our e-mails and voice mails day or night, including weekends.

To talk to us about your real property assessment, contact us by e-mail or call us at 856-354-1213 to schedule an appointment.

Our Real Property Tax Assessment Appeals Practice

We will review all aspects of the tax assessment and appeal process, specifically all information related to the assessment of your real property. We will consider the location of the property, the use and improvement of the property, will review the assessment history of your property, and will try to obtain information regarding the value of comparable properties. We will contact your town's Assessor, and will make every attempt to resolve any assessment issues by settlement, subject to your approval. Nonetheless, we have considerable tax assessment litigation and appeals experience.

We will prepare, review and file all documents required to appeal a residential, commercial or industrial property tax assessment. In addition, we will appear on your behalf at all hearings or proceedings, whether before the particular County Board involved or before the New Jersey State Tax Court.

We offer a variety of fee arrangements for real property tax appeals, including some situations where we won't charge you any attorney fees unless we get your assessment reduced.

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We offer a confidential consultation to every prospective client. If you have questions or concerns about a real estate tax assessment, learn how we can help. Contact us online or call our office at 856-354-1213.

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